Enjoy sailing with Postyacht and experience the beautiful archipelago of Vaasa. Postyacht has a scent of tar and is a replica built according to drawings, saved in Ostrobothnia, from year 1679. A genuine 17th century atmosphere is created with historically proper materials and crew attire.

A relaxed journey as the waves lapping at the scent of tar and wood.
Postyacht travels in the beautiful Vaasa archipelago by the wind.

We arrange 17th century-style sailings for groups.

Postyacht is suitable for:

  • yachting companies’ visitors and personel
  • introducing World Heritage Site of Kvarken archipelago
  • bachelor or bachelorette party for a small group
  • wedding anniversary
  • birthdays
  • jubilees and anniversaries

The yacht has room for max. 12 persons + the crew.

If ordered, we can also arrange food in style with the 17th century. You can find more information under the headline Menu.

Postyacht offers unique travel and adventure experiences in style with the 17th century.

Order our brochure and book a travelling experience:

Telephone: 044 380 8083


You can tune in to the sailing atmosphere through a music video shot on the Postyacht:

Music by Polska Hunters, Filmed and edited by captain Jari Pakkanen, Recorded by O-P Kohtamäki.